Radio Producer

Radio Producer

Radio Producers coordinate, create and manage the content and technical aspects of radio shows. The average salary of a Radio Producer is $77,222 per annum.

As a Radio Producer, you’ll generate ideas for programs, write scripts, edit stories and segments, and liaise with Radio Presenters for pre-recorded or live presentations.

Salary range
Average salary $77,222
salary range
Source: SEEK
Projected job growth
9% by 2020
Employment by region
The top three regions for employment as a Radio Producer are:
NSW 57.1%
VIC 15.7%
QLD 12.5%

Key skills required

The top skills for a Radio Producer are:
  • Organisational and administrative skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Interested in radio
  • Able to work as part of a team
Career pathway planner
Starting out
Starting out

Develop the skills you’ll need to research, gather news, conduct interviews and write stories as a Radio Producer with a nationally recognised certificate or diploma course.

  • Certificate IV in Screen and Media (CUF41215)
  • Diploma of Screen and Media (CUF51015)
Moving up in the industry
Moving up in the industry

Advance your journalistic skills and knowledge of media policy and regulation with a bachelor degree.

  • Bachelor of Media and Communication With a Major in Media Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts - Journalism major